Tips for Watering Your Plants

Watering your plants is a very important role in keeping them alive and thriving.  I always get so many questions regarding how to water your plants and the proper way to do so. Today I want to share a few of my favorite tips to follow for easy watering!

What is the best way to know your plant needs water?
● Observing plant for changes
● Checking soil for dryness, if it is dry to the touch.. it is time to water!

What clues show that plants need water?
● Dullness, or a subtle change in foliage color
● Reduced growth
● Reduction in flowers or fruit
● Wilting or curling leaves

Where should I water my plant?
● Water your plant directly at the base of the plant and to the soil, so that the water will go
to the root zone
● For fir trees or other trees with foliage that is similar, giving the green a shower of water
will help your tree to stay alive and happy

Are there any hard and fast guidelines for watering?
● Honestly no, but for any plant, once it is placed in the ground or in a pot, the plant should
be regularly water for the roots to establish
● Once they have established you can relax with the watering and only do so when the
plant gives you hints that it needs more water

When is the best time to water?
● Early morning or evening is the best time to water (not in the heat of the day)
● This helps so that less water will be lost to evaporation

How do I water my orchid and fern collections?
● My favorite, easy way to water these compositions is to fill up a large pitcher of ice cubes and place throughout the soil once a week (Don’t be afraid to load them up!) You can also try this method on your other house plants if you are one who forgets to water

What are some tips to know when to water grass?
● Footprints remain when grass is walked on
● Lawn turns dull, then blueish, and eventually straw-colored or brown

How can I make my ferns green and lush?
● Mix warm water with a 2-3 pinches of Epsom salt and pour over your ferns. Be sure the Epsom salt is fully dissolved to prevent it from burning your ferns

I hope some of these tips help you with watering your plants! Please don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have any further questions.

Happy Gardening!