HGTV Dream Home Features The Latest in Home Technology

3D Printing, Delta’s voice-command faucets, and more. Read how technology is being incorporated into the latest home designs.

As our world becomes more and more technologically centered, tech that we once seen as futuristic has now become a part of our everyday routine! Over 100 million Amazon Alexa devices have been sold on top of millions of Google devices that are present in homes across the world. Phone features such as Siri are common-place now and are relied upon for countless daily tasks! As these devices become smarter, they are now being built to create an ease of access for your home! Things like smart security systems or thermostats help to regulate home safety and living costs. It is incredible to see these advancements in technology become part of our daily lives.

In 2019, HGTV gave away their Smart Home to one lucky winner. The home, equipped with numerous smart devices, was a way to highlight the functionality of these systems and to help bring them into more common place use. Recently, I had the incredible opportunity of being invited to HGTV’s 2020 Dream Home that will also be given away to a deserving individual this year. The Dream Home is also equipped with so many smart devices including the new Delta Faucet! The Delta Faucet Company has been working to release household appliances that function with the use of VoiceIQ Technology. VoiceIQ tech uses smart devices like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home, to dictate instructions to the smart device. In the 2020 HGTV Dream Home, the kitchen includes the amazing Delta Faucet!, linked here. With a simple command, the faucet dispenses exact measurements and temperatures of water. I got to test it out with HGTV’s designer Brian Patrick Flynn!

The Delta Faucet is an incredible asset to any kitchen, as it allows for hands-free use of your kitchen sink! Just say the word and the sink will fill specific containers or pour the perfect amount! Smart devices like the Delta Faucet products are revolutionizing the way households run and operate and will truly change the functionality of any home. It was such a wonderful opportunity to tour the HGTV Dream Home and meet incredible individuals like Brian Patrick Flynn. Want to win the HGTV Dream Home? Click here to enter!