8 Tips For Your Indoor House Plants

Plants add a lovely touch inside the home and can even improve air quality! Here are some tips on keeping your indoor plants happy and healthy:

Choosing the right soil.

– Plants prefer well-drained, nutrient rich, aerated, and water-holding capable soil. A good indoor soil will be composed of peat moss (aids in water retention) and perlite (aids in aeration). One of my favorite potting soils to use is Fafard Ultra Potting Mix. Check it out here. 

Light requirements.

– Always check the label for sunlight requirements when choosing where to place your beloved indoor plant. Place sun-loving plants near a bright, warm window and those that require less sun can be placed in other areas of the home. Just remember that all plants need a little sun! If your plant appears to be leggy, it may not be receiving enough light.

Proper watering habits.

– To check to see if your plant needs to be watered, place your finger into the top two inches of soil. The soil should be moist but not too saturated. Another method to check to see if it is time to water is by picking up the pot. If it feels light in weight, then it is probably time for a good soaking!
– It is important to water thoroughly each time rather than a little water at a time. This helps your plant form a healthier root system. Make sure to empty the catch-tray to prevent root diseases.


– Indoor plants need to be fertilized throughout the year due to loss of nutrients in the soil. Color Star is my favorite go-go juice to keep my plants looking fabulous year-round. This fertilizer can be used for all plants, whether they are planted in the yard or in a container. Click here to purchase.

Pest Control.

– Inspect your indoor-plants regularly for any pests or diseases and treat when necessary.

Reduce Exposure to Drafts and Encourage Humid Conditions.

– Avoid placing your indoor plants near vents as well as drafty windows or doors. This can dry your plants out. Bathrooms and kitchens tend to be more humid so these can be great areas of the home to place your beautiful plants.

Prevent dust accumulation. 

– Just as tables and counter tops accumulate dust, so do plants! Regularly wipe away dust from the foliage of your plants. This will allow them to obtain the adequate sunlight they need to be healthy. To wipe away dust, simply use a damp cloth and gently clean leaves.

Beautify your plant.

– To boost you hard-leafed indoor plants, apply leaf shine which will make your plants sparkle. This can be purchased or you can make some yourself. A quick, easy homemade recipe includes equal parts milk and water. Mix it in a bowl until combined and apply with cloth.

I hope these tips come in handy when caring for your indoor plants!

Happy Gardening!