How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

These deer-resistant tips won’t harm your plants and will keep deer away.

We are always struggling with deer eating our plants and getting into our beds! I love deer, don’t get me wrong, I love watching them and they are so graceful, but they eat so many of the plants we care for! We struggle with keeping them away all year long! I wanted to share with you a few tips and tricks to keep the deer away. Keeping the deer away is a constant battle and it is not a one-solution fix, we are constantly working to keep them at bay.

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  1. Irish Spring Soap

This is one of our tried and true hacks and not just by me, but by many friends and followers across social media! I buy the soap by the case and our team shreds it with a cheese grater! Sprinkle a small handful of the shreds around the base of your plants and shrubs and it will keep the deer away! Now a disclaimer, we have had some people try this with no success because the deer are not bothered by much and are rather used to living in populated areas, but it is worth a try. It also will not hurt your plants at all!

2. Liquid Fence

Liquid fence is one of my favorite products! Yes, it stinks and do not spray before you are having a party because it is actually coyote urine, or uric acid but it is really effective for those persistent deer. If the Irish spring soap does not work well for you, liquid fence is your best option. Make sure to not spray within 6 hours of rain because the rain will wash it away. Also, don’t spray directly onto the plant but mist the liquid fence around the plant.

3. No-Zone

This is a kit that has a smell very similar to moth balls that is an animal deterrent. The small plastic stations are filled with animal resistant pellets. The station comes with a metal stake that you thread through and then stick into the ground near your plants or garden.

We truly do love the deer, but they can be such pests especially when they start to devour our plants! Out of these three solutions I like the liquid fence the best but try each and see what works best for your yard. Have a deer resistant solution? Share with us! I love finding out new garden tips and tricks. Happy Gardening!

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