Gardening Books: Top Reads from Carmen’s Garden

Books to Inspire Beautiful Outdoor Living and Garden Spaces

I love to find subtle ways to tie my love of gardening into my home décor. I bring in flowers from my garden, have floral accents throughout my home, and utilize my large windows to get a glimpse of all the outdoor greenery. One way that I incorporate my love of gardening is through gardening books. I have stacks of them all through my home; books that I have fallen in love with over the years and books whose garden inspiration just makes me swoon! Gardening, landscape, and design books are one of my favorite things to collect and I am so excited for them to find a new home in my new office! We have a new office space that we have just moved into and cannot wait to set it all up! Books like these are a great source of inspiration for me, just like walking through my garden, and they both really help to get my creative juices flowing. These five books are my current favorites and go-to’s for inspiration! If you’re looking to purchase any of these books: visit my Amazon storefront.

A Natural History of English Gardening by Mark Laird

If I could rip out every page of this beautiful book to hang on my walls, I would! Every page is filled with beautiful botanical prints dating back to 1650-1800. This is by far one of the most informative garden books I own. It is full of botanical information and the “story of plants”.

Winter Gardens: Reinventing the Season by Cedric Pollet

This is such a great reminder that not only do we need to plant for spring and summer, but there is also so much beauty in the garden once fall decides to go to sleep and winter arrives. When we are designing a garden, I often imagine in my head what will the garden look like after every leaf and bloom is gone and will it still look beautiful? This book is such a great inspiration for me to always look for the beauty in every season.

Private Gardens of Paris by Alexandra D’Arnoux, Bruno De Laubadere, and Gilles De Chabaneix

I am a huge fan of treillage and this book details some of the best!  This book provides so much inspiration for me anytime we are about to endeavor a small unique garden space. Also, the book is full of lovely photos of all Paris’ beautiful green oases. 

The Gardener’s Garden by Toby Musgrave and Ruth Chivers

Both my husband and I absolutely love to travel! In fact, we don’t give each other birthday or Christmas presents so we can save every penny towards traveling! The first thing I like to do on any trip is to find the closest garden and this book features gardens from all over the world.  Each page references a different garden and has been a great resource for me to review before any trip that we may take. Also, I just love the cover!

Veranda: The Art of Outdoor Living by Lisa Newsome

This book is one of the very best! Veranda is my all-time favorite magazine. The book features the most prominent architects and garden designers around the world including modern, classic, and exotic gardens. This image on the cover was our inspiration to let the confederate Jasmine grow wild on our house!

All of the books I’ve mentioned can be found in my Amazon storefront as well all of my other favorites that I mention throughout my blog and social channels. Any of these books would would make a great gift for that special gardener or reader in your life.

What are your favorite gardening books for inspiration or just a good garden bench read? Tell me in the comments and thank you so much for reading!