Easy DIY Floral Arrangement

Every year for the Chick-fil-a Peach Bowl the coach’s families are invited to Atlanta for a week of fun events and entertainment all over the city. This year we had the privilege of hosting the coach’s wives for a Christmas Eve event at the Governor’s Mansion to do a fun floral workshop! We made simple and fun floral centerpieces with easy to find flowers. This group of ladies was so much fun to collaborate with and my team had such a blast! The arrangements turned out so well that I wanted to share a quick DIY with you so you can make your own at home!

I believe everyone should own what I like to call Personality Driven Containers. Basically, these are containers that match your design and style and essentially do the work for you! These glass vases are a huge part of my collection, I own dozens of them, and they are just perfect for so many arrangements. They are economical and go with pretty much anything! What I love about this vase is that even if you are not a professional, the way the vase is shaped makes your arrangements look like it just came from a florist! Another must-have vase for arrangements, can be found here. 

If you are having friends and family over and are entertaining and need a quick arrangement, this DIY is my go-to!

1. Braiding the Callus

First you want to find any type of small thin stemmed flower. I use white florals here like my favorite calla lilies or clematis that has a nice long stem. I place a single stem into one of the vases, without any water, and wrap the flower around the other vases. This adds such a nice flair and an unusual look. Just nestle a long flower in between those vases. Then you’ll put another flower at the other end and do the same nestling step. They do not have to be perfect! Finish by filling up the vase with water to about an inch below the top of the vases.

2. Grand Hydrangeas

I use green hydrangeas for this project, but you really can use any color! Start by taking off most of the leaves from the stem but leave a couple on at the top. You want your hydrangea stem to be about as tall as the vase. Place a bloom at each end of the vases. Symmetry is so important in floral arrangements so keep it in mind as you are creating! At this point you have the callus in the middle with hydrangeas anchoring the ends and then you can start to fill in the middle with more hydrangeas.

3. Layer in Roses

Now it’s time to layer in white roses. To make the roses look fuller, blow right into the center of the blossom. I add these open roses to the four tubes in the middle. Don’t stress about where you are putting the flowers! This arrangement is yours so don’t stress about perfection. Now we have anchored the center with the roses.

4. Parrot Tulips

I like to call this arrangement my “Super Market Solution” because most of the flowers can be found at your local super market- like tulips! I use white parrot tulips here and trim them down, just like the other flowers, to just taller than the vase itself. Layer the tulips into every tube in the arrangement. I start with larger flowers and work my way down into the smaller ones. Tulips will continue to grow even after cut, so you want to take your fingernail and just pinch the stem to create a bruise to stunt further growth. This takes all the plants energy away from growing and focuses it on healing that bruise!

5. Beautiful Freesia

I’m using tiny freesia blossoms here as to not overpower the arrangement. Add one to every tube to add some needed texture. At this point you can already see how the arrangement is coming together! This is all because this vase is doing the hard work for you!

6. Ranunculus Blooms and Buds

Start adding Ranunculus and use not only the beautiful blooms but also the small buds! They add such pretty texture. You can use clippers to trim your flowers but honestly ripping and breaking the stems works just as well!

7. Finish with Lisanthus

I’m going to finish with some lisanthus. These flowers last forever and are also a go to for height and texture. They also add whimsy to your arrangement. Add one to every tube and it will just fill in so nicely. Another trick to long lasting flowers is to add a teaspoon of bleach to the water. It keeps bacteria from growing and will allow your flowers to last longer. Because the vase is small, keep the water levels constant and well hydrated.

Last but not least, add some seeded eucalyptus to your creation. It smells amazing and adds so much to your arrangement. It drapes over the other flowers so nicely! Just stuff and shove 3-5-inch pieces into the vase. You did it! You made a fabulous breakaway arrangement for your own home or as a perfect gift. When you purchase vases, find ones that do the work for you! Place multiple of these vases together and you have made a quick, easy, and fabulous floral arrangement!