Caring For Your Fall Mums

When I think of fall flowers, one of the most prominent ones that comes to mind is Hardy Mums! The autumnal tones of the blooms and hardiness of the plant works well for the fall season. I want to help all of you keep your Mums thriving and long-lasting so you can have a beautiful container or garden through the whole season (and maybe longer)!

Mums are generally low maintenance due to their ability to withstand drought, cold, and pests. If you have a brown thumb or do not have the time to care for more intensive plants, Mums are a great option to add a pop of color to your porch. There are also many color varieties for whatever style you choose!

When choosing your Mum, it is best to pick one that has not fully bloomed yet. It might be tempting to grab for the Mum with the prettiest blooms, but grabbing the budded plant will give you more time to enjoy it!

If you choose to transplant your Mums, be sure to plant them before the first frost of the season. Next, choose a place with well drained soil, and place your Mum in a spot that will receive around 6 hours of sunlight. After transplanting, make sure you water your Mums often and give them a good soak. Once they are well established, you can water once a week or when your leaves at the bottom begin to wilt. It is important to not fertilize your Mums in the fall so that the blooms are not affected!

You have enjoyed your blooms for the fall season, the first frost has hit, and your plant has wilted and died…what do you do next? Do not prune your Mum back! The dead foliage from this plant will help to keep it alive for the next spring. Once the first frost has hit, mulch over the dead and wait for the spring. If you have your Mum in a container, move it to a protected spot to survive the cold.

In the spring, once the stems re-grow, cut back the stems to encourage growth. Throughout the spring and summer, it is important to pinch back the buds so that the Mum will bloom in the fall. If not, you will have an early blooming and the plant will be dead for the fall!

I hope to see all of your Hardy Mums surviving all year round!

Happy Gardening!