It should be fairly obvious, based on the majority of my posts, that I love planting gorgeous foliage and flowers. However, I also have an interest in edible gardens as well. Last year, I started a vegetable garden but then failed to maintain it. What can I say? This green thumb gal jus got a little distracted by all the beautiful flowers out there. This year is going to be different, though! As proof, I have already put together my vegetable garden and I want to give you 5 tips for making your own vegetable garden grow.

1. Make room. In order to give our plants additional room to grow, we used large galvanized tubs. Drill holes into your tubs for proper drainage and then fill with good soil.

Use galvanized buckets.

Use galvanized buckets.

2. Add height. We bought 5 ft. tomato cages for even more room to grow.

5 Tips to Start Your Vegetable Garden 5

3. Create tents. I love gardening with our neighbor’s children and really wanted to create a magical place for them. We used lattice to make tents for the two beds. This is where we plan on growing beans and cucumbers.

Vegetable Garden Tents

4. Mix it up. Who said you can’t plant corn with boxwoods? I think the bright, yellow Rudebeckia will look great mixed with the corn.

5 Tips to Start Your Vegetable Garden 2

5. Cheat a little. I am not a good seed starter. Even though I would love to learn one day, I will buy my vegetables and fruits grown for now. Just think about those delicious tomato sandwiches! The sooner, the better, right?

Fresh Strawberry Plants

Meet Clara, the chicken. She is living the good life, isn’t she?

Chicken Coop

Stay tuned! We are eagerly waiting on the Passion flowers to bloom. I can’t wait to share photos once they do.

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