Flower crowns have become extremely popular over the last few years and it doesn’t take more than fifteen seconds of scrolling through your Pinterest feed to understand why. Even though everyone and their mama is wearing one, I love how no two flower crowns look the same. Just like every flower is uniquely its own, so too is every flower crown and today I’m going to share with you three different ideas for making one of your own.

The steps for all three flower crowns are the same, the structure is what sets them apart. The first look focuses on the front of the crown. By using some larger blooms in the front section, and then filling in with smaller blooms, you create a crown that is nice and full in the front. This won’t take as long as filling the entire crown but it is equally as stunning! The second is the exact opposite. Instead of creating fullness, you use smaller, simpler blooms to create a single look all the way around. For the third and final look, we made a crown that is meant to be off-centered. Create a cluster of a few of your favorite blooms and then group them together off to one side. This will make it look as though you have flowers effortlessly tucked behind you ear.


Having never made a flower crown before, I enlisted the help of a friend for today’s post. Trial and error led her to believe that these flower crowns could be made in three easy steps.

Snip the stems! Leave about an inch of stem so that it can be attached to the crown.


Create the crown! Use several pieces of floral wire and braid them together to create a sturdy frame.


Fill with flowers! Using your floral tape, lay the stem on the wire and then wrap with tape. Then continue adding blooms until you’re pleased with the finished look.


I hope this has been helpful! I may be a garden expert, but flower crowns are not my forte. The important thing to remember is just to have fun with it. After all, it’s hard to go wrong with flowers in your hair.


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