Can you believe that we are already half way through the month of July? This summer has flown by! Remember in high school when summer use to mean sleeping in, staying up late, and swimming your days away? Summer in adult world is a different thing entirely. For one, most of us still have to wake up early every day and report to work. For me, this summer (and practically this whole year) has kept me busy with traveling from one place to the next. And while I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world, constantly packing, planning, leaving, and going can be extremely exhausting. That is why I have created these 10 packing tips for long trips that will help you prepare for a weekend on the road. To challenge myself a bit further, I made this list into a one-stop-shop. That’s right! Everything on this list was purchased at one place—Target! So if you’re headed out of town and realize you don’t have something you need, stop by the Target nearest you and get everything on your list.

packingtip1packingtip2packingtip3packingtip4packingtip5packingtip6packingtip7packingtip8packingtip9packingtip10Happy travels!

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