Today is Good Friday, which means that this Sunday is Easter! It is almost time for that special day spent with family and friends. While a kid on Easter looks forward to scavenging the yard in hopes of finding that one special egg, an adult on Easter mostly just looks forward to sitting down and enjoying some food. The time spent around the table with loved ones is invaluable, which is why I want to show you how to set the stage for this year’s Easter dinner. And it only takes 10 minutes!

10 Minute Tablescape for Easter 1

Materials Needed:
4 ” Cabbage plants
Freshly picked daffodils
Tin buckets
Freshly clipped forsythia
Chocolate Easter bunnies

1. Criss-cross bunches of daffodils on the table. The more the merrier!

10 Minute Tablescape for Easter 2

2. Place cabbage in tin buckets making sure that the soil is moist to the touch.

10 Minute Tablescape for Easter 3

3. Clip forsythia branches 10-14″ and stick each end in the soil to create a handle.

10 Minute Tablescape for Easter 4

4. Nestle the chocolate bunnies throughout their new home.

10 Minute Tablescape for Easter 5

10 Minute Tablescape for Easter 6

What a dreamy tablescape! I just love that Easter is so full of cheer and whimsy. Have a great weekend, everyone, and Happy (Almost) Easter!

Photos: The Photography of Haley Sheffield

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