The holiday season is in full swing! Thanksgiving was a huge success and now it’s time to shift gears and to start making preparations for Christmas. That means picking out the perfect tree, staggering stockings on the mantle, turning your front yard into whimsical wonderland of lights, and filling every nook and cranny with Christmas goodies galore from milk-chocolate peppermint bark to salty pecan toffee. (For even more mouth-watering treats check out Southern Living’s complete list of holiday candy here.)

There is so much work that goes into making this season sparkle which is why this Sunday’s table is a simple sideboard centerpiece that will look absolutely charming in the midst of all your holiday décor. This little set-up is great for whatever occasion your hostess’ heart desires. All you need to make this look happen is sage, rosemary, kale, sedum, cool wave pansy, agujua, thyme, and then whatever serving dishes you choose. After your guests have returned home for the night, these plants can do the same. They will last about a week inside and after that, they are ready to be replanted.


Happy Hosting!

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