Spring Planter: An Easy Easter DIY

Cyclamen, Lenten Rose, and Blue Diamond Delphinium make up this beautiful and quick container garden, perfect for Easter!

We are so excited Spring is just around the corner and it is time to spice up our containers! For this project, I am using a number of plants from my local garden center and some forsythia branches from my yard! To accessorize I am using hanging hand painted eggs, tiny moss baskets, moss covered stones, ribbon, and moss. This project is so customizable to your space and personal style. You can find most of the supplies on my Amazon list here!


  • Large planter
  • Potting soil
  • Forsythia Branches
  • Hanging painted eggs
  • Moss covered stones
  • Moss
  • Easter accessories
  • Lenten Roses
  • Cyclamen
  • Blue Diamond Delphinium
  • Snow Cone Candytuft
  • Scissors
  • Clippers

1. Of course, we always start with a personality driven container. I found this white basket terra cotta pot at Scott’s Antique Market, surprise, surprise! I love this pot for a spring container projects because it looks like an Easter basket! Fill your container with a good potting soil, 2-3 inches below the rim. We try to use damp soil, but if your soil is dry, it is ok!

2. When I am doing a planter like this, I use gallon size plants. I found all of these at my local Lowe’s garden center! Remember the three T’s- tall, trailing, and thick! Also, with a planter like this I put the plants in a triangle shape.

3. I plant the delphinium first. I always start with the taller plant and am going to plant this one towards the back.

4. Then add your Lenten roses, snow cone candytuft, and cyclamen in a triangle shape around the pot.

5. Stick the forsythia branches down into the soil. As long as you keep the soil moist, these branches will bloom even after they are cut! I snipped and clipped these from my garden, and they are almost ready to bloom! These branches add great height to your planter.

6. Add moss- and moss-covered rocks to the top of the soil. Hang Easter accessories from the branches and add some ribbon!

You can always use quince branches instead of forsythia if you don’t have them locally. Water your container garden every 3-4 days to keep the soil moist. Enjoy your spring container all season long and you can always plant the flowers in your garden after you switch your container over for summer! Happy Gardening!

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