My Five Favorite Container Gardens

I am so excited to be sharing five of my favorite container garden creations with you! These are perfect for your garden — inside or out! Continue reading to learn what contents I used to create them so you can follow along to create your very own. We even offer local delivery on some of the plants used!

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This particular trio of containers will always hold such a dear place in my heart. This image is from a shoot that I did with Southern Living and was featured on the front cover!

However, don’t let this picture fool you, because these beauties can take the heat! If you are looking for containers that can take full sun, these are the perfect ones for you.

A tip I would like to share is how to use color. Your flowers do not have to be the only element of color when it comes to gardening. Have fun with it and use a pop of color! A great way to do this is with your containers — we love these turquoise containers!

Here is a list of flowers featured in each of these :

  • Lemon Ball Sedum
  • Pink Bubblegum Vista Petunias
  • Dusty Miller
  • Snap Dragons
  • Pink Dianthus
  • Heather

The left container features the beautiful Lemon Ball Sedum, which adds such a bright beautiful green element to any sun container!

The large, center container features the beautiful elements of Lemon Ball Sedum, Dusty Miller, Snap Dragons, Pink Dianthus and Heather all mixed together.

The right container features my absolute favorite — Pink Bubblegum Vista Petunias! Click here to purchase.

This container garden follows suit with my tip from above — featuring a beautiful pop of color with the container itself! How beautiful are these vibrant colors mixed together? I just love it!

If you are looking for a mostly sun, part shade planter then this one would be a great one for you! All of these plants thrive in the sun, but can also take partial shade.

The plants featured in this container are :

  • Canna Lilies
  • Salvia
  • Diamond Frost
  • Scaevola (Click here to shop)
  • Creeping Jenny (Click here to shop)

This one is for my shade lovers! This container would make the most beautiful addition to your front porch collection. The green and white color scheme creates such a classic look that would go with any decor! It is one of my absolute favorites.

For my local friends, we have this entire collection available to you for you to create your very own! Click here to shop.

This container contains the following plants :

  • Kimberly Queen Fern
  • White Christmas Caladium
  • Bounce Impatiens
  •  Variegated Ivy

This container includes a gorgeous orchid mixed with some of my favorite ferns. This collection would make the perfect gift for your mom for Mother’s Day, your children’s teacher after a long school year, one of the brave front line workers or even to your friend to let them know you’re thinking of them! Shop here 

It makes the perfect addition to a shaded area on your front porch or a beautiful indoor arrangement!

This collection features :

  • Phalaenopsis orchid
  • Beautiful variegated ivy
  • Creeping wire vine
  • Montana fern
  • Blue star fern

The last container I am going to share features my favorite blue container which is actually a strawberry jar! Can you tell how much I love using a blue container? They make the perfect pop of color!

This one, in particular, is from my very first shoot for Southern Living. I absolutely love how unique this container garden is and all of the elements tied in together. Succulents always add such a fun look to any container!

Featured in this planter :

  • Trailing plectranthus (Available here)
  • Flapjack Succulent
  • Sedum