Live Art Landscape : Kid’s DIY Project

Materials needed:

A canvas

Paint (Optional)

Hot glue



As the weather is cooling down and you are looking for more inside activities to do with your kids, I have the perfect project for you: a live art piece! All you will need is a canvas, hot glue, twine, and moss to create a beautiful landscape of trees and lush grass to hang in your home!

I chose a plain canvas to start my project and painted one background pink and the other yellow to add my own spin on this project. Feel free to take creative liberties and use any kind of canvas painted or not that you would like. Next, take 5, 4-6 inch pieces of twine, twist the center of the strings together and hot glue the center where you please.

When working with hot glue, make sure you are always there to check on your young ones and protect them from harm. I still get my occasional injuries from a hot glue gun!

Once you have the center glued to the board, you can arrange your “roots” and “limbs” in whatever position you want to create a tree trunk shape. You can use a little bit of glue here but glueing down the moss on top of the strings should be enough. For your “limbs”, unravel the twine at the end to create a more clustered look!

When you are happy with that, place the moss wherever you see fit, glueing it down, and that is all you need to create a live art piece! Make sure to give your moss a few sprays of water whenever it looks dry!

Happy Creating!