Hydrangea Railing or Window Box DIY

I am always on the hunt for really unique and interesting window boxes, container gardens, and containers! I came across this one that I wanted to share with you. Window boxes hold very special memories for me as I grew up having window boxes and I’ve always loved to be able to incorporate them in some way, shape, or form! The neat thing about this particular window box is that it is built to sit directly on a porch rail! It can fit two different size rails making it incredible versatile. It comes with pre-drilled drain holes and because the bottom of the box is cut out to sit on the rail, you don’t have to use as much soil to fill the box! Most important, the box is lightweight and easy to move around. I created this window box for areas that have a lot of shade so if you have a covered porch or balcony, this DIY will be perfect for you!

Ingredients have all been linked in my Amazon store here (yes even live plants can be delivered by Amazon!)

  • A window box
  • Soil
  • Hydrangeas
  • Rosy maiden hair ferns
  • Ruffle ferns
  • Lemon button ferns
  • Variegated ivy
  1. Fill your window box with a good potting soil.
  2. I cannot resist hydrangeas! They are in a lot of stores right now so they are pretty easy to find either at a supermarket or your local garden center. I chose blue 6” hydrangeas for my window box but there are so many colors and sizes available. Carefully remove the hydrangea from its pot. My tip for removing any plant from a plastic pot is to squeeze the pot gently on all sides which will loosen the roots and soil. Florist quality hydrangeas often come with hoops in the pot to support the plant so you might have to remove this as you replant them. If the hoop will stay on as you replant the hydrangea, feel free to leave on to give the plant more support.
  3. Plant one hydrangea in the middle of the pot and another at each end. Instead of putting them in a straight line, I’ve staggered them. I have the two on the ends towards the back and the middle one towards the front.

4. I chose a variety of ferns all in a 3” size. These ferns are petite and cute and anchor the tall hydrangeas well. Remove these from their pots as well and stuff and shove around the hydrangeas.

5. As you add your plants copy whatever you do on one side with the other. So, if you add a maiden hair, then ruffle fern, then ivy on the front, mirror this on the opposite side. This gives your box great symmetry. Repeat everything you do on the front on the backside, so your box is even on both sides.

6. All of the plants like to stay wet so make sure your soil stays damp! Before you plant you can give your plants a good dunk in a bucket of water if they are already dry.

Now you have a gorgeous window box for the shade that will make any porch look stunning and make all of your guests green with envy! A quick tip for after your hydrangeas are done blooming, clip off the dead blooms and follow my DIY for dried hydrangeas and then you can plant the rest of the plant in your yard to enjoy again next year! You can also clip the leaves for indoor arrangements. I can’t wait to see the window box you create! Happy Gardening!

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