Your Guide to Creating an Easy, Fresh Evergreen Wreath

Decorating for the holidays truly gets me in the Christmas spirit. Follow along with just a few easy steps on how to create a stunning, fresh evergreen wreath!

Although our summer favorites have said their farewells, lush evergreen trees and shrubs continue to strut their beauty! There is no need to rush to the store to buy an artificial wreath when you can walk into your very own yard and collect almost all the materials you need to create a show stopping, fresh, evergreen wreath. This wreath is not only full of natural beauty but will also greet you each time you walk into your home with a genuine Christmasy scent.

– grapevine wreath
– pruners
– evergreen foliage
– twine or florist wire (optional)
– pinecones, berries, twigs (optional)

Let’s start creating!

Step One : Gather Your Materials

Fresh evergreen foliage is easy to find in most yards and surrounding woods. There are an abundance of suitable options including pine, cedar, juniper, magnolia, camellia, boxwood, yew, holly, fir, and more. There are no constraints on the materials you decide will look best in your wreath. I love to use an assortment of foliages providing contrast and layers. Use just one type of foliage to create a beautifully bold statement. To amp up the aroma and texture of your wreath, add in garden herbs such as rosemary and lavender.

First, choose your foliage. Then you will want to cut 8-10 inch stems from your favorite evergreens using your beloved pruners. You can shop some of my favorite ones here. I also like to carry a shopping bag along with me as I gather my materials to avoid making multiple trips.

Step Two : Assemble Foliage

Next you are going to remove 3-4 inches of the bottom foliage of the stem from each of your cuttings.

If you are using more than one type of foliage, choose one of the boldest foliages to start with. Start at the base of the wreath by tucking in the bottom portion of the stem into the intertwined branches of the grapevine wreath. Make your way around the wreath by continuing to wedge the foliage in securely. Now, choose the next foliage and continue this same process until the grapevine wreath is filled with foliage.

Step Three : Elevate Your Wreath

This step is completely optional, but one that I highly recommend not skipping. Elevating your wreath with berries, twigs, and pine cones will take your wreath to the next level and really wow your guests!

Use berry-filled stems, such as hollies or nandina, to wedge into the wreath. This provides a remarkable contrast to the green foliage. To create a more woodsy effect, add pine cones and twigs using floral wire to attach. Magnolia leaves are also a fantastic element to add, they create gorgeous contrast and add a pop of color! Check out my fabulous evergreen wreath tutorial that includes magnolia leaves here.

Step Four : Admire the Beauty

Step back and admire the beauty you have created!

No one said it had to be hard to create gorgeous, natural decor for the holiday season. It is always so gratifying to be able to create your very own, one of a kind project.

I would love to see your creations! Please share them with me on Facebook or Instagram by tagging me @carmenjohnstongardens.

Happy Holidays!