Easter Table Scape Decor

Create a beautiful Easter table setting with my quick and easy tips and favorite spring florals.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I want to share with you a few of my favorite things I love to incorporate in our Easter table scape. Below are some must haves for your tables cape! Now of course you won’t have each of these exact pieces, but these are some inspiration for your creation!

For links to purchase my specific decorations, I’ve provided links in the DIY step-by-step instructions. 

  • Tablecloth
  • Place setting, charger, dinner plate, and dessert plate
  • Cloth napkin
  • Napkin treatment, flower, napkin ring, etc.
  • Table accents
  • Flower vase and flowers

1. I believe that every beautiful table scape starts with beautiful linen! The linen on my table is India Armory. She has the most fabulous collection of linens and they are all hand blocked and they keep so well!

2. I love to layer! I’m going to break down one of the place settings I have to show you what all we have layered here. I started with a charger that is actually from Italy and they look like a cabbage leaf! The plate is from a designer named Peter Pilloto who is well known for his clothing designs. On top I have a majolica plate that coordinates with the charger. I have a lot of these majolica plates and love to use them in all sorts of designs. Your table should be all about layering! Here’s a similar cabbage leaf plate linked here

3. Every napkin deserves a napkin treatment! Whether it’s a fresh flower, a piece of greenery, or a great napkin holder, any of these will truly elevate your table.

4. One of my favorite table decorations is a set of brass dogwoods from Addison Weeks given to me by a dear friend. These make a wonderful table accent! Don’t forget to layer hard elements like these into your table. Not only will these elevate your table, but they are also great conversation pieces!

5. Another element to this table are my golden bunnies that I actually got at Hobby Lobby! These adorable guys are evidence that you don’t have to shop in fancy vintage stores to give your table that classic vintage look!

6. The flowers at the center of the table are all from clippings from around my garden! Inside of gorgeous rattan vases are Lenten roses, daffodils, maiden hair ferns, and ranunculus. An important thing to notice is that not all of the vases are the same. Their uniqueness is what will make them look so stunning in your home.

It is perfectly ok to mix textures at your table, in fact, it will help to elevate your design! We have the linen, glass, rattan, and even bamboo silverware.  Lastly, I used some gorgeous robin’s egg blue eggs scattered across the table to contrast the white and pinks in my table. These are some of my favorite tips and tricks of what I like to do when I’m decorating for Easter! Please share your Easter décor with me! I love finding new inspiration and seeing how each family does things differently! Explore with textures and colors and in no time, you will have a perfect table for your Easter lunch! Happy Decorating!

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