DIY: Indoor Container Garden

How to make and care for a beautiful indoor planter.

I love nothing more than a good indoor plant! They bring so much joy and life to my home and I try to have some in every room! Houseplants are versatile, relatively inexpensive, and easy to care for! I love finding new ways to display my indoor plants and an indoor container garden is a great way to highlight your greenery. I am a hoarder…I mean COLLECTOR… of containers, from ceramic to brass and am always on the hunt for more! The turquoise planter in the photos was a Tuesday Morning find, they always have great deals on garden décor and furniture! Let’s get creating!

What You’ll Need:

Find a great container garden, one with plenty of drainage, and that will accent both your plants and home well. Garden centers, home décor stores, and department stores are all great places to look, as well as online! Choose one with good drainage as this can mean life or death for your plants.

Choose a selection of indoor plants. For this tutorial I used fatsia, pothos, and maiden hair, rabbit’s foot, and autumn ferns. You want a larger plant, like the fatsia, a brighter plant, like the bright green pothos, and a softer plant like ferns to soften the edges. All of these plants are super easy to care for and can be found online or in your local garden center.

I like combining a textural element that helps the container just pop and have extra character. For this project I chose sponge mushrooms. They are a brighter shade of green and have such a fun texture. Finally, you’ll need a five gallon bucket half full of water and a few medium Ziplock baggies. For all materials and plants to make this container garden, click on my Amazon store here.

How To:

Before you start planting your gorgeous plants, you want to make sure they get a very good drink of water. I accomplish this by dunking the whole plastic pot and root ball into a bucket of water. You want to submerge the pot completely and you will hear the water start to bubble. This bubbling is all of the air escaping the pot and water soaking every part of the roots. Once the bubbling stops your plant is good to go! Let it drain for a minute over the bucket and then we can plant! To remove the plant from the pot you want to give the pot a “hug” or a good squeeze. This will loosen the dirt inside and let the plant slide out easily. Repeat this process with each plant as you add to your container. If you are using maiden hair ferns, they are a little higher maintenance and need more water than your other plants. Instead of overwatering everything else, I place the dirt and root ball in a Ziplock bag before planting which helps to keep the moisture in. Then plant, plastic bag and all, into your pot.

Always start with your biggest plant, and in this case that will be the fatsia. Fatsia has gorgeous dark and glossy leaves and is quite a show stopper. My container philosophy is to plant in a triangle shape so the fatsia will go in the back of the pot. Then I’ll anchor with smaller plants and add the pothos and then the rabbit’s foot. If you go with a lighter pothos, it helps bring a pop of color to your container. Finally, use the maiden hair and autumn ferns to soften the edges of the pot and fill in the gaps. Add some texture like the sponge mushrooms and voila! An easy and beautiful container garden!

Taking Care of My Container:

This container garden is incredibly easy to care for. Place in an area of your home that receives 6-8 hours of indirect sunlight. The whole pot can be watered about once a week and the best way to do so is to dump 2 large handfuls of ice cubes onto the dirt. Another way to water is to place the whole container in the shower, water well, and leave overnight to drain. To see if your plant is in need of a drink, use the “finger test”. Push your finger right into the root ball and if the soil and roots are dry, water it! If not, wait a couple more days to water. For a more extensive indoor plant care summary, check out my blog titled “Easy Houseplant Care” on my website.

I cannot wait to see your container gardens! Tag or message me on Facebook or Instagram and follow me on both to get more gardening ideas on a daily basis! Happy planting!