DIY Fall Hydrangea Wreath

Mushrooms, pumpkins, reindeer moss, and gourds…this DIY wreath is easy, classic, and gorgeous!

Here in the south it is still in the upper 90s during the day but that doesn’t mean we aren’t getting in the mood for fall! Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s time to start pulling out our fall décor and putting together new creations! Wreaths are the perfect way to welcome a new season and this fall hydrangea wreath is no exception! It uses the hydrangeas we dried in our blog post a few weeks ago. If you missed out on that DIY, click here for the instructions. All the wreath ingredients can be found at Michaels but you can also find similar pieces here in my Amazon store! Let’s get creating!

  1. I love using a grapevine wreath because of how dense and tangled it is! It holds almost all the floral aspects without lots of wire.
  2. Stuff and shove real and dried hydrangeas. The real ones will dry on the wreath!

3. Wrap garland throughout the wreath. The garland I have has wire throughout making it very malleable. I am weaving it around the hydrangeas for added texture.

4. Now go back and add more hydrangeas to fill in.

5. Snip the mushroom stems to the desired length and insert throughout the wreath. Use the “sponge” side of the mushrooms for added texture.

6. As you are adding aspects to your creation, allow the flowers and added texture to flow in one direction. This “movement”, as I like to call it, helps your wreath to look like one fluid piece, rather than several things thrown together.

7. Nestle the reindeer moss in between each flower or mushroom and just tuck it in! I love how bright the reindeer moss is!

8. I use the leftover mushroom sponge stem and pierce the small gourds. Poke it about halfway through and this allows you to insert the gourds into your creation!

9.  Either as you go or once you finish, secure your pieces with tape and wire. This will extend the hanging life of your wreath!

As you have friends and family over or host different events, update your wreath by changing out the “live” aspects by using whatever greenery or flowers are currently in bloom in your garden. For mine, I used autumn joy sedum that I have growing in my front beds. Add some bright real or even faux blooms to help coordinate the wreath to your home décor. Orange is such a classic fall color and I was planning to add it to my design, but my love for the tried and true green and white combination won out in the end!

Photos Courtesy of Gunner Robinson Photography