A Kid-Friendly Terrarium DIY

Fun for gardeners of all ages!

I love finding unique ways to bring plants into a home and what better way to do that than with your kids! This adorable garden-in-a-jar can go almost anywhere in your home, in your kid’s bedroom, your living room, dining room, or kitchen. If you decide to do this DIY with your kiddos, let them take control of the project- there is no wrong way to do this! But, if you get one for your kids, make sure to get an extra jar for yourself because you are going to want to have one on your own!! If you are watching along on your Alexa or Google device, set out all the ingredients and let your kids follow along to this kid friendly DIY video!

Most of the ingredients listed below are ones you might already have in your home, but if you don’t you can find everything you need on my Amazon store! You can also find a lot of these things at your local craft store! Feel free to make the terrarium in your own style and let your kids help pick out the supplies, the more they can do to help the more responsibility they will feel in taking care of the plants down the road. Let’s get creating!

Ingredients *all of which can be found here:

  • A large glass container
  • Potting soil and mulch mix
  • Various small rocks
  • Turkey baster
  • Kitchen tongs
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Lazy Susan or turntable
  • Small paintbrush
  • Moss
  • Small Plants- cacti, succulents, small tropical plants, or orchids
  • Fun personal items
  1. Start by putting your terrarium container on the lazy susan. This will help you be able to turn and see all sides while working.  You can use any type of glass container here- I chose a large glass cookie jar! Amazon has some fun options I’ve linked in my store.
  2. Add a very thin layer of potting soil/mulch mix to the bottom of your jar.
  3. Add an inch or two of rocks on top of the potting soil. You can use any color and type of rock here to make it fun! I used black but small garden rocks come in every shape and color- even glow in the dark! Flatten the rocks with your hand after you’ve poured them in. You can also add colored sand at this point too! Just sprinkle a small amount over rocks.
  4. Now add in another layer of potting soil and mulch. I use mostly mulch mixed with a little bit of potting soil. A terrarium is self-watering, so it needs good drainage and the mulch helps provide that. Also, without proper drainage, your plants can flood and die. Make this potting soil into a large hill that fills up the container about halfway.
  5. Time to add some green! I like to use 3-4 plants for my terrarium because you don’t want to overstuff the container. Start with the tallest of your plants and with the kitchen tongs, create a crater in the center of the mulch-hill. Using the tongs, lower the plant into the hole. Still using the tongs, surround the plant tightly with soil and mulch.
  6. Continue to remove your plants from their pots and place in the mulch around the center. If you are using orchids- leave in their pots!
  7. Add more stones around the plants to create perfect drainage.
  8. Use a paintbrush to clean up the sides of the container from all the dirt and debris.
  9. Adding moss to your terrarium will help to hold in moisture over time. Add it around the edge of the container and in between your plants. You can also use moss rocks or balls- found at any craft store- which are just styrofoam wrapped with moss.
  10. Give the whole container a misting of water. Using the turkey baster, give each plant about one ounce of water.
  11. Now, add some personality! Using glitter, toys, or decorative items, give some pizazz to your terrarium! You can use pretty much anything here- from a toy dinosaur to a hot wheels car! Jazz it up and let your kids add their personal touch!
  12. Top the container off with its lid and that’s it! In the next 24 hours, your terrarium will collect water on the inside of the jar due to humidity and become a self-watering mini-ecosystem! The terrarium will water itself for the next year!

I cannot wait to see the projects your family creates! Use this DIY for some great family time and then share with me on Instagram or Facebook so I can see your creations! Happy Gardening!