5 Fun Easter Basket Items for Kids by The Green Thumb Gal at Carmen Johnston Gardens


1. How adorable is this ‘Seven Smooches’ Bunny Hand Puppet from Barney’s? If I’ve learned anything about kids it’s that they love to put on a show, which makes this hand puppet perfect for your kid’s Easter basket this year.

2. From what I remember, decorating the Easter eggs was just as much fun as hunting them later. This Easter Party Egg Decorating Kit from The Land of Nod will take your kid’s egg decorating to the next level!

3. These books are actually a part of my own collection. I just love the beautiful illustrations and whimsical tales. If you want to share a love of gardening with your kids, these are great gifts to include in their Easter basket.

5 Fun Easter Basket Items for Kids: Gardening Books featured on Carmen Johnston Gardens

4. It is certainly no secret that I am a fan of Hunter Rain Boots. I love that they make them for all ages too. These Kids First Rain Boots are great for any kid who likes to run around outside and play.

5. Don’t forget the candy! No matter what you include in your kid’s Easter basket, the candy is always their favorite part. I just love this little Jelly Bean Weck Jar from Terrain and think your kids will be crazy about it too!

Happy (Almost) Easter! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends.

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Photo: The Photography of Haley Sheffield

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