14 Stay-At-Home Fun Family Ideas and Activities

Here are some great activities for staying busy and spending quality time together around the house and garden.

As we face the important prospect of social distancing and isolation, we’re all going to try to fill our time safely and constructively so I’ve created 14 days of projects to provide stress relief, be a positive use of energy and a creative outlet for the whole family.

From garden activities to brighten up your home to self-care crafts like making moisturizer and hydrating drinks, check out this series that will get you and your family outdoors and in the fresh air.

And don’t forget to try some hands-free, germ-free gardening with Alexa and me! Check out over 30 DIY videos on Alexa and Google Home for gardening, decorating and plant care.  It’s as easy as saying “Alexa, launch Carmen Johnston Gardens” or “Hey Google, let’s talk gardening tips”

Day One: Create a Centerpiece 


Bring color and light indoor with an easy centerpiece. Grab a fun container you can find from around your house, and, when you make a quick run for supplies, grab a variety of small plants from Home Depot or Lowe’s. (You can also order from Amazon.) Start mixing, stuffing and shoving to create an easy accent décor piece. Indoor plants definitely contribute to air quality.   


Day Two: Nature Hunt


Have a daffodil scavenger hunt with your kids to see who can find the most these pretty spring flowers!  Use a colorful container you have around your home and start filling it up.  This will burn off a lot of energy. Wipe the container clean and consider leaving one on a neighbor’s back porch.  

Day Three: Mustache Pots


Surprise your children with an invitation “I mustache you to come & plant.”   We’ve created adorable printable placemats you can use as a work mat and a sheet of mustaches.  Cut out and glue the mustache on the end of a straw or a popsicle stick for lots of laughs.  Or, to make it even more fun, stick one on your face and a matching one on your pot!  Click here for printable mustaches and click here for printable placemats.

Day Four Homemade Moisturizer: 

Hand washing has been a key to good health but are your hands super dry?  Get ahead of this by checking out this homemade moisturizer.   

Mix a little honey, sugar and lemon together. It makes the perfect instant moisturizer and smells great!  


Day Five: Infused Water


Stay hydrated!  It can help keep your immune system strong.  With the need to drink plenty of water, spice it up by infusing it with delicious herbs and fruit.  It is easy and fun to do and so festive seeing those bright colors in your bottle.

Day Six: Hair Tea

Self-care is so important!  Bring some comfort to yourself and your family.  You’ve created a hand-moisturizer and can now give your hair some love.  

Check out this easy herbal recipe to create “tea for your hair!”  It’s a fun craft, smells great and leaves your hair feeling amazing! 

 In just four simple steps, you are ready to rinse.

1. Fill the pot with water and place sprigs of rosemary and mint inside the colander.

2. Place the colander on top of the pot so that the sprigs touch the water.

3. Boil the water for 5 minutes. Then, let it sit for another 5 minutes to cool.

4. After your regular wash routine, simply pour the rinse over your scalp for a long-lasting clean scent and fresh feeling!

Day Seven: Build a Terrarium with Alexa

The perfect germ-free and hands-free activity, let Carmen show you step-by-step the fun and science behind building your very own terrarium! On your voice-enabled device say: “Alexa, launch Carmen Johnston Gardens” or “Hey Google, let’s talk gardening advice” You’ll find over 30 videos, and depending on your supplies, you can create centerpieces, vegetable gardens, planters, and get lots of great gardening advice! Don’t have the right supplies at home? No worries – here’s an Amazon list with everything you need to make this terrarium. Yes, Amazon ships live plants;)


Day Eight: Stacked Planters

Spring brings hope and it’s time to bring that same feeling to your doorstep.  Get outside and breath in the fresh air and try the double stack. Find those old terra cotta pots and give them a fresh coat of paint.  Grab some of your favorite flowers from your trip to the local garden center and start “stuffin’ and shoving” creating a beautiful addition to your doorstep. Grab your seasonal wreath from storage & then viola! Your neighbors will appreciate the new view.  

Day Nine: Fun Floral Arrangements 

By now Forsythia, a variety of cherry trees and dogwoods are probably blooming.  Just like you did with the daffodils on day two, weave some spring into your home.  Grab vases in a variety of heights and scatter throughout your home. Don’t forget the bathroom!  

Day Ten: Picnic Time 

You’ve been collecting fresh blooms all week. How about making a centerpiece for an outdoor picnic? Grab the kids and wipe down the patio furniture. Or better yet, grab a blanket. Enjoying nature is always free!  


Day Eleven: Give a Bouquet Gift

 Teach your children how to make an easy bouquet from the flowers in your own yard! They will have so much fun running around and trying to create their very own “gift to give!” Children love giving gifts to see people smile and this is a great one!  


Day Twelve: Garden Reading 

It’s time for a quiet moment. Grab an herbed water and head outside and study up on gardening, tips, tricks and types of flowers and plants.  Reading is a great escape and helps put your mind and ease.  


Day Thirteen: Spring Table Scape

Time to get your creative mind thinking and plan your table scape for Easter. Work on it a little bit at a time and have your children pitch in.  They can easily craft and make their own decorations.  Designing is fun and will make for great conversation pieces.  Check out our inspiration here https://www.carmenjohnstongardens.com/diy/easter-table-scape-decor/ 


Day Fourteen: Make a Planter 


We adore container gardens.  Add some to your yard and create a border effect.  Check out these galvanized containers. They are simple, easy and you can even get the kids to help fill the buckets and plant.  Let them personalize their pot by adding a favorite toy as decoration.