10 Minute Holiday Planter

An easy holiday container garden that will last into the new year!

Create a wow moment for front porch visitors this holiday! If you can take just 10 minutes, I’ll show you how to create a festive container garden that lasts well beyond the holidays and can be adapted to your style and local greenhouse finds.

I have linked everything in my Amazon Store but here’s what you’ll need to create this look:

  • phenomenal lavender (lavender will work just fine)
  • red cyclamen
  • silver branches
  • potting soil
  • green apples (red apples, pinecones, or ornaments work great too)

Start with a base of potting soil and remember that cold-weather plants don’t require as much soil to thrive. A shallow container is just perfect for this look but if you have deep container simply flip an empty pot at the base of the container so as to conserve space (and weight!)

Plant your phenomenal lavender in a triangle at the center of your container. I love phenomenal lavender for it’s lovely silver hue that really says Christmas!

Next is the cyclamen – a great cool weather plant. Be careful when taking the cyclamen straight from a warm greenhouse to the shock of cold temps as they need time to get acclimated to the cooler temps. Plant the cyclamen in a square around the lavender and remember to pinch off any dead blooms or leaves to let this look last.

Add in your apples, pinecones, or ornaments in the holes between the cyclamen. Instead of adding potting soil to fill in the space, simply squash your plastic pots, flip them upside down and use them to add height before placing the apples.

Finally, a bit a of height and sparkle! Add silver branches for a holiday touch throughout the center of your container. If you don’t want to buy the branches, find some thin branches and use Rustoleum metallic paints in silver or gold.

It’s easy to remove the apples and replace with colorful ornaments for the new year and to replace a few elements in this container garden to freshen it up and make it last! I want to see what you’re doing with your holiday containers – tag me on Instagram or Facebook and don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast by clicking here for more great gardening ideas, tips, and tricks.

Happy Holidays Ya’ll!!

Carmen Johnston