Quick and Easy Holiday Planter Topiary DIY

This 5 minute DIY holiday planter will elevate your home or porch

I love a quick and easy planter that doesn’t take up too much time during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. This topiary can be assembled in 5 minutes and adds a festive touch indoors or outdoors. For all the materials for this DIY, click my Amazon store here.


  • ivy or cedar topiary
  • copper pot or planter
  • pinecone wreath, garland, or cuttings for a skirt
  • floral wire
  • dried orange slices
  • cinnamon stick bundles
  • *optional: ornaments, sliced and dried apples, or ribbon for cinnamon stick bundles

The first step is height! To anchor this planter, I’m using an ivy topiary but you could use cedar or anything that’s about 3 to 5 feet tall to anchor both sides of a front door.

I’m using a copper pot but an urn or any container you have will work well as long as it’s not too small for your topiary. Be conscious of scale. Where lots of people misstep is using plants that are too small. My mantra: go big or go home!

Next, creating a “skirt”. I found a gorgeous pinecone wreath a few years ago but you can use any wreath as a skirt for this planter. Magnolia or cedar garland would make a great skirt for this topiary also, use what’s available to you and add a quick spray of Rustoleum metallic spray paint for a bit of gold sparkle. Look for the metallic top at any home improvement store and invest in a spray paint extender that saves your hands and fingernails from days of paint stains.

Simply slide your favorite wreath or garland over the topiary and create a skirt. If your ivy is visible through the wreath – no problem!

To elevate the planter, I’m using dried orange slices and stacking about 5-8 sliced together. With 6″ of floral wire – stab the wire through the center of your orange stack and affix the wire and oranges to your topiary.

If you want one more layer of fabulous – use whole/slit oranges, ornaments, limes, or apples. I also added cinnamon stick bundles that I found online and put them at the base of this planter. A ribbon around these cinnamon sticks would add another beautiful detail and color if you wanted to make this extra festive.

This planter can be used as a centerpiece, flanking your front or backdoor, a walkway or anywhere inside or out that you want a festive and natural pop of interest.

I would love to see what you’re doing this holiday! Share planter, centerpiece, or garden pictures with me on Facebook and Instagram and thanks for being a part of my garden community. Happy Holidays!