Christmas Decoration Storage: Tips, Tricks, and Products

Invest in great systems and storage to make the holidays stress and mess free next year!

I decorate lots of home for the holidays and I also tear down and store my client’s decorations for them. I’ve come up with some tried and true storage tips and tricks that will have you excited to make your trip to the attic or basement next year to find all of your decorations organized and in great working condition!

As always, I’ve linked all of these products in my Amazon store, along with handy zip ties, floral wire, and more here.

Shrink Wrap/Saran Wrap

Buy shrink wrap online or at your local hardware store on large rolls. This is a great way to wrap stockings, ornaments, and more so they are safe from moths and dust.I use saran wrap for my wreaths and to cover open Tupperware containers or boxes to protect them from the storage elements.

Light Reel Bags

I love these handled bags as I use thousands of lights each year. It’s a great way to ensure that no lights are tangled and that when you go to put up your lights, they are in good working order and are neatly rolled. Pro tip: make sure wrap lights so that your plug is last so that when you go to test your lights, you won’t have to unwrap the entire string of lights to make sure they’re working.

Ikea Zip Bags

Ikea makes great and inexpensive cardboard lined bags that zip. They come in so many sizes and are perfect for wreaths and half the cost of plastic containers. Link to these storage solutions here.

Ribbon Box

I love the Santa’s Box ribbon storage box too much! The box makes it easy to thread the ribbon through the box for use while you wrap and simple and quick storage.

Ornament Storage Boxes

With varying sizes of ornaments, I love these bags because they have lots of compartments and these store and stack really easily. Great pockets give you places to put wire, scissors, etc.

Christmas Tree Bags

Perfect for trees up to 6 feet tall, these bags will save you from a pine needle mess! Before setting up your tree place a bag underneath your tree stand. This bag will protect the floor from water and you will cover it up with a tree skirt. After the holidays, pull your bag up and over your tree for quick and mess-free removal!!

Tree Tarps

A similar concept to the Christmas tree bags tip above but for larger trees, place a tarp under the tree when you install your tree so you are set up for a quick tree tear down without hours of vacuuming up pesky pine needles!

Again, I’ve linked lots of these great storage solutions here in my Amazon store for you to try along with great things like zip ties, floral ribbon and more. I know if you invest in organization with both your time and money, it will be a great return on your investment when you go to unpack next holiday season.

As always, thanks for reading, listening on my podcast, watching on YouTube, and following along on social media. I appreciate each of you!