Christmas Centerpiece DIY

A live planter is a great addition to any table for the holidays and makes a great gift, if you can bare to part with it!

Starting this container with a stunning planter! I love my pomegranate-shaped low platner from Campo di Fiori linked here. It’s is a terra cotta container that comes with a patina look right out of the box! I’ve also linked another fabulous (and economical) container here on my Amazon store as well as ALL the materials you’ll need for this holiday centerpiece.

I use Amaryllis to anchor this container garden. Shake off the dirt and and place 2 Amaryllis in the “back” of the planter. I choose one tall amaryllis that’s in bloom and one that is shorter and about to bloom so that this container garden will always have great color blooms.

Remember my 3 T’s for container gardening, use something THICK, something TRAILING, and something TALL.

For my “thick” I’m using a white cyclamen, but any color will look great! Plant in a triangle shape with the tall amaryllis in the back, cyclamen in the front, and for my TRAILING, I’m using a variegated ivy.

Lastly, I’m layering in a small Japanese bird’s nest for a variety of green colors. When you’re shopping for your container gardens, make sure to add lots of shades of green to create wonderful interest. Finally, to top dress this container, I use reindeer moss to fill in the holes and to add yet another bright green shade.

To maintain this planter – make sure not to overwater your amaryllis! However, the other 3 plants in this container need a drink every 5 to 7 days. The answer…I water by adding 2 handfulls of ice at the base of my cyclamen, ivy, and fern so they get a good drink with the dry indoor heat. Another option is to mist your planter.

This centerpiece would make a great gift…one idea is to send all the Amazon items to your favorite gardening friend so that they can make this planter themself! I’ve linked everything in my store here, so you just have to “add to cart” and they will have a gift that will be enjoyed this season and a planter for years to come.

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