Celebrating Lydia Menzies Creative Entertaining

There’re are a lot of smart, creative people in the entertaining world you can find on social media or blogs and Lydia Menzies has to be one of the best!

Lydia Menzies Creative Entertaining

Lydia’s latest foray into celebrating life is her clever supper club where she guides you on everything from creating charming table settings to planning delicious meals for family. She is truly one of the top guides for creative entertaining!

Lydia helps you make all of your entertaining, from casual gatherings to large backyard parties, fun, fabulous and so memorable for your guests. Click here to find out about the exclusive, membership club.

She’s a long-time favorite friend of mine and I had the opportunity to create this week some original content for her on curating and designing the ultimate festive container for a front porch!

Front Door Container Gardens

For Lydia, I created this layered container garden inspired by my trip to London with my husband Tommy several years ago. I’ve been sharing more on this trip this week on my Instagram, which you can find here.

If you want to create a winter container garden, get started here with my simple steps to create a container garden. Your local garden center will steer you toward cold weather friendly plants!

Wishing You The Blessings Of The Season 

The beauty of nature and our gardens translates into any language! What a pleasure it has been in 2020 to bring some of this light and joy into your Facebook feed and thank you for your support and generous spirit. Sending to you and your families my wish that you enjoy the blessings of this season!