Breck’s Colorful Amaryllis, The Perfect Holiday Gift

Low-maintenance, colorful amaryllis bulbs bring a pop of holiday magic to your table and make the perfect gift. Here’s the latest bloom report on my Breck’s bulbs!

Colorful Brecks’ Amaryllis – Pop of Color!

Partnering with Breck’s Gifts, I am so excited to show you how my own bulbs have sprouted and how I will be using them this season. I received the bulbs around four weeks ago, and now, they are flourishing.

Brecks has been so kind to offer all of you free shipping if you also want this easy decoration or gift for someone special! Just use code ‘Carmen20’. Now, let’s dig into the beautiful Brecks options.

Waxed Amaryllis Bulb – Easy Choice

The waxed amaryllis bulb is certainly the easiest to keep up with especially for those with brown thumbs! If you have someone in your life who appreciates the beauty of showy blooms but struggles with watering and making plants thrive, this is the perfect gift for them. I have done nothing more than set my waxed bulb on a window sill, and I am so happy with the results.

When it originally came in the box, you could see where the two shoots, or sepals, would burst open with beauties. As of now, only one of the sepals, the green leaves where a bud will come forth, has erupted with four blooms. The other still remains closed, but I still have plenty of time for the blooms to come before the holidays!

Naked Amaryllis Bulb – Pretty Results

While the last option was for someone who appreciates but grapples with achieving showy blooms from tendering a plant, the naked amaryllis bulb is for those who may have a little more gardening experience. Although, this bulb is not very hard to grow in itself. It takes patience and knowledge with this pretty option to achieve the expected results. In the previous blog about amaryllis bulbs, we give a step by step instruction on how to plant and care for this Amaryllis to succeed.

I have been watering this bulb once a week with one cup of water. It does not need very much water to sprout and actually thrives off of the moist/dry soil. I also have this sitting in the window sill with the other bulbs. This bulb has grown the least out of all of the others, but the reason for this is because it did not come pre-planted or pre-waxed so that there was an opportunity for growth. This bulb came by itself, and we had to do the planting which resulted in a shorter grow time since the others had a head start before I even received them.

Potted Amaryllis Bulb – Ready To Go

The potted amaryllis bulb has the hard work already done for you! Brecks has given you a decorative, holiday container, good soil, and the bulb planted and ready to go!

You can choose between one bulb or three bulbs; Brecks sent me the three bulb option and I have been amazed by the height from the sepals! It has not bloomed just yet but It is surely coming soon! Just as the naked Amaryllis bulb did, the pot is in the window sill, soaking in the indirect sun, and I only water it once a week. You just water enough to get the soil moist.

For someone who appreciates gardening and caring for plants, this is a great gift without all the stress of finding a holiday pot or what soil to use. It simply comes ready to go and needs a little bit of tender love and care to blossom. I am also excited to try out the Santa ladder; you can guide your sepals and brace the amaryllis against the ladder for an added cute, holiday decoration. Make sure to get your own from Breck’s Gifts!

The Bloom Report

In a month, I’ll be so excited to come back and share what happens to my bulbs. I want to see your flourishing bulbs and how they’ve added magic to your home so tag me on social media via Facebook or Instagram and be sure and use the hashtag ‘#brecksbulbsxcarmenjohnston.’

You have time to bring a beautiful pop of color to your holiday décor so head over to Breck’s Gifts and use ‘Carmen20’ to receive free shipping all of December 2020!

Xoxo, Happy Gardening!