Breck’s Amaryllis Are A Top Holiday Gift Idea!

Beautiful Amaryllis bulbs are one of my top holiday gifts ideas for family and friends!

I’ve partnered with Breck’s Gifts on free shipping so get started now because it can take five to eight weeks to bloom. Check out these great ideas.

Amaryllis : Top Holiday Gift Idea

Amaryllis are my go-to gift for family and friends, not only because they put on a gorgeous display of showy blooms, but also because people always tell me how much they appreciate them! They make great hostess and teacher gifts, and are also a wonderful way to teach your children to fall in love with nature.

Get started here at Breck’s Gifts and check out three popular amaryllis gifts here.

Naked Amaryllis Bulbs

Naked bulbs are for the garden lover who likes to get their hands dirty! These come ready to plant in your own container. Use one with a smaller opening that isn’t too wide, and make sure it has good drainage to prevent rot. Fill with good quality potting soil that includes compost, and water it well before planting. I like to nestle the roots into the soil and leave the top third of the bulb exposed for a very natural and organic look that is absolutely beautiful.

You can stop there, or dress things up a little for the holidays. My favorite is adding reindeer moss—just be sure to wet it first to help preserve that gorgeous green. I also like to mix in miniature pine cones, decorative logs and artificial Christmas décor picks that you can pick up from the local craft store. You can up the glamour by adding height with branches that are spray painted silver for a touch of holiday sparkle. Branches can also help support the bloom so it doesn’t droop or break from its own weight. Simply use twine or thin wire to attach the branches to the stem.

Waxed Amaryllis Bulbs

Breck’s waxed amaryllis bulbs are perfect for those friends who are known to have a “black thumb.” To grow, simply place the bulb in indirect sunlight—and in 4-6 weeks, you’ll have a stunning bloom. No watering required! The popular red blooms are super easy to grow and come sheathed in your choice of three gorgeous wax colors: red, silver or gold. So festive! Scattered about, these add the perfect touch to a tablescape, a fireplace mantel or anywhere that could use a colorful holiday accent.

‘Ready to Go’ Potted Amaryllis Bulbs              

Breck’s ‘Ready to Go’ amaryllis features a decorative metal container with a printed design that comes in many fun holiday patterns. The one I’m showing you today is the buffalo check. This gift comes with the bulbs already planted, and you can choose a container with one bulb or three bulbs, packaged and ready to go, just like the name says! All you have to do is place it in indirect sunlight and be careful not to overwater. You can also purchase a Santa ladder stand that lends a festive touch and helps brace the amaryllis. When the stems sprout, guide them through “Santa’s ladder,” attach the cute Santa figure, and you’re all set.

Caring for Your Amaryllis

Let’s do a quick recap on how to care for your bulbs and blooms–they are super simple. Be sure to place the amaryllis in indirect sunlight and never overwater. With a well-drained container and good soil, you should be fine. Keep the soil moist to the touch, and enjoy the growth process. Once your amaryllis blooms, it will let you know if it needs water, e.g. when the bloom begins to look sad and starts to wilt, then it’s time to water.

Watch for Our Bloom Update

Tune back in next month to see a bloom update of the amaryllis we planted today! In the meantime, head over to Breck’s Gifts now to order yours. Use ‘Carmen20’ for free shipping through December 2020.

Happy Gardening!