5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Fall Front Porch

Fall is quickly approaching and will be here before we know it! Who else is ready for cooler weather? I know I am! It has been a hot summer here in the south, so I cannot wait for my favorite time of the year to cool things off. What better way to get in the fall spirit than to start decorating! Let’s begin with your front porch.

Today, I am sharing with you five of my favorite tips to make styling it easier than ever!

1. Choose your theme

2. Invest in staples

3. Create your focal

4. Check your Symmetry

5. Layer layer layer

1. The staple of your home’s exterior is your front porch. It’s the first thing that everyone sees when looking at your home, so it’s always fun to use it and really make a statement! My first tip is to begin with choosing your color scheme. Do you want to use a traditional fall color scheme or change things up and use a nontraditional, more modern pallet? Are you creating a space that will last the whole season or do you want to tie in different themes? (For example, using a Halloween theme and later replacing those pieces to transition into Thanksgiving) The choice is yours! Making this decision first will give you a clear vision and keep you on track when decorating.

2. After choosing your style, you can now begin planning, prepping and creating your space to make your vision come to life. My second tip is to invest in staples. I recommend splurging in a few staple items that you can reuse and repurpose for many years to come! A few of my favorite things to splurge on are faux boxwood topiaries, faux pumpkins and containers for container gardening. Purchasing faux boxwoods and pumpkins ease the stress of having to replace them every year. They are maintenance free! These are items that you can use over and over again and refresh them where no one would ever know. Sure, you can always add to your collection.. but when you already own the big pieces, you don’t have to break the bank each time!

3. My third tip is to create your focal piece. After investing in good staples, it’s time to use them! I personally like to include a couple of focal points for my porch. Of course, my containers have to be over the top! I absolutely love showcasing gorgeous seasonal plants and florals in my container gardens. A really fabulous way to make them a focal point is to have one on each side of your door. This is where your stunning new containers and faux boxwoods can be used!

Another great focal that I love using is my front door wreath! Your eye is naturally drawn to this space and it’s a great way to show your creativity. I absolutely love creating DIY wreaths, you can follow along with one of my tutorials and create your own! Click here for a tutorial using dried florals from your garden or here for a gorgeous cornhusk wreath.

4. Symmetry is an easy way to make sure everything flows! If you choose to add dimension with different height elements, be sure to do so on each side of your space. For example, if one of your focal items are corn stalks.. be sure to add one on each side of your door for a better visual. If you choose to add container gardens, I would be sure to include one on each side! If you refer to the picture above, it is okay for each side not to match perfectly. We designed this space a little different and that is okay! It still has visual symmetry. If you choose to design your porch this way, just be sure everything is well balanced and all flows well together.

5. Last but not least, layering! Do not be afraid to layer. This is the perfect time to place and showcase those beautiful new faux pumpkins you splurged on this year! Layer them between your other design elements, you can even layer them with a couple of real pumpkins!

This is really where you can let your creativity flow. Layer different doormats together, include different patterns and textures throughout. Do not be afraid to let your personality shine through with your design! A few fantastic design elements you can include in your design are lanterns, hay bales, wooden boxes, mums, ladders, blankets, decorative signs, and the list goes on! Layer a few of these elements together and you will have the best front porch around!

Fall is such a fabulous time of year and it makes it even better when you have a showstopper front porch display! I hope some of my tips will help you in creating your design and I cannot wait to see what you all create. Please tag us in pictures for a chance to be featured on our social media platforms!

Happy Decorating!