10 Minute Holiday Table Runner/Decor Ideas

Beautiful, simple, and natural table centerpiece decor for your holiday table or buffet.

10 minutes is probably all the time you have this holiday season so I wanted to make this DIY easy and neutral.

All materials can all be found in my Amazon Store:

*if you don’t have some of these items, you can substitute for others! Get creative with this and with the materials you already have.

  • Rosemary topiary or ivy topiary or small cedar tree – anything natural and green!
  • Champagne bucket or any type of bucket or vase
  • Snipped and clipped Rosemary, cedar, or magnolia (whatever is natural and available to you)
  • Glass chimneys
  • tapered candles and holders (I’m partial to my simple and classic Tag holders)
  • Mint julep cups
  • Your favorite ornaments *Krebs are my go-to shatterproof ornaments as they are lightweight and gorgeous linked in Amazon store here.
  • Tealights
  • Sugar cone pinecones sprayed in gold

Start with your centerpiece topiary or any large arrangement to “anchor” the look. Next set out your glass chimneys and tapers so that they equidistant and arranged evenly across the length of the table.

Next, add your low-level lights by adding your tea lights and your mint julep cups topped with ornaments.

Finally add your pinecones in the remaining “holes” of your arrangement and fill in any additional space with Rosemary clippings (cedar or magnolia work great too!)

Why do I love using Rosemary? The scent of course but as the old adage goes: Rosemary grows where strong women live, so I love to always have Rosemary around and I think it makes a fabulous gift too.

If you snip and clip your Rosemary, Cedar, or Magnolia – make sure to either use it the day of for entertaining or give it a good drink overnight in a bucket of water with just the base of your clipping submerged.