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The month of November is all about giving thanks and I most definitely have a lot to be thankful for. Today I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to be a guest blogger on Interior Canvas. Anna Kristen and Cameron, the remarkable ladies behind this blog, are fellow design enthusiasts. Their love for […]

In Georgia, we just experienced our first frost for the season. Like many gardeners, I am preparing my garden for spring and looking for ways to use the produce that I have still growing and green tomatoes are in abundance. Yes, there is always the traditional fried green tomato recipes, but I wondered what else […]

In the South, football is a religious experience. If you’ve ever visited the South during the fall, you have more than likely experienced two things: college football and the tailgating that precedes every game. To show respect for your favorite team in true, southern fashion, it is imperative that your home reflects the spirit of […]

I love this time of year! The leaves turning, the smell of fall in the air and one of my all-time favorite ingredients comes into season – PUMPKIN. We had a beautiful pack of pumpkins growing until a furry rodent (i.e. squirrel) got into the patch. Oh well! That is a part of gardening – […]

Simple white lantana layered with blue fan scaevola provide everlasting color and blooms from summer to fall in my garden. Bold Magilla™ Purple Perilla gives my flower bed the perfect seasonal pop of color and finishing touches for fall. I am enjoying this bed every day and dreading the first frost.

These are the flavors that I crave when the fall holidays roll around. I wanted to start looking into some ways that I could prepare for my upcoming festivities, but still bring in the flavors and garnishes from my garden. I love me a Sage Sidecar, but found this amazing recipe where the bartender included […]

During this season of the year, when the temperature begins to drop and things start to show down a bit, I am able to reflect on the year and all the friends and family that I am so blessed to have in my life. We are so thankful to have so many wonderful individuals in […]

Gardenias are as southern as sweet tea. Their pleasant sweet aroma is so intoxicating and adds quite the dimension to any garden. However, this gem is only hardy to zones 7 to 9. Don’t know what hardiness zone you are in? Well, here is a nifty tool to give you exactly that information. Gardenias are […]

Building a container garden is as simple as 1-2-3! I have a theory of what makes for the most beautiful container gardens. It is called the Triangle Theory. The elements to this theory are that you have a tall plant, a thick plant and a trialing plant that are arranged to form a triangle in […]

Whether it is your in-laws or your friends coming over for a visit this weekend, there are several quick and simple ideas to put a little pizzazz in your place before they arrive. Guess what! They all come from your garden. By adding special touches here and there, your guests will embrace your hospitality and […]

As the mercury climbs for most of the country, my mind daydreams of sitting in the shade with a cool and refreshing cocktail in my hand. What do cocktails have to do with gardening you ask? Everything! “Garden to glass” is a huge trend taking place for mixologists across the country and by adding a […]

Want to turn a strawberry jar into something that can be used for entertaining? Then when you’re guests ask you where you got this fabulous piece – you can let them know that you made it yourself! Here’s what you will need for this DIY project: – An Iron Table Top – A Large Strawberry […]